The man dropped 70 kg after stuck between the floorboards in half an hour

Fate almost literally pushed the plumber from Halifax to lose weight. The man has lost almost 70 pounds after stuck between the floorboards, installing pipes in the home of one of its clients.

Before Daniel Mann weighed more than 150 pounds — but an unpleasant incident at work forced him to radically change lives. When installing pipes, Daniel decided to come down from one floor to another through the floor made in the connector, but just stuck in there.

The man was trapped for 20 minutes, and although in the photo, which was made by one of my colleagues, he laughs at the incident, Mann admits that he was not joking.

I saw down one of my friends, and I thought, “Oh, it’s nothing?”, and then it just stuck. — says the man — I couldn’t even move.”

“I <…> found the strength to laugh, but really was terribly embarrassed. Then I really thought about how much I weigh. It was clear: we need to change something”.

Before, the man never indulged in fast food, “biggest sandwiches” during a lunch break or double portions of dinner, but after the incident drastically changed his diet and lifestyle. Daniel joined the group Slimming World have fully adopted the healthy food — and for only 9 months lost weight from 152 kg to 95 kg.

Mann said that some of my colleagues and friends initially reacted to his diet skeptical, but seeing the transformation of Daniel, quickly changed the opinion.

“At first, they teased me: you know I’m a fan of [fast food] and did not believe that I will be able to stick to a diet. — says the man — <…> Then they noticed that I do lose weight”.

“Nobody messing with my diet. They see that it worked for me and I respect that. One of the guys even joined Slimming World <…> and have already lost 12 kg since last September.”

Last but not least Mann decided to lose weight because of my father, who died of cancer last year.

“Dad was always very straightforward and honest told me that I should lose weight. — says Dan — I wanted to show him that he is able to do it — wanted him to be proud. Fortunately, he was able to see that I’ve changed, before he died.”

Despite the impressive results, Daniel’s not going to stop there. His next goal is 88 kg.


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