The galaxy found the impossible planet

Над галактикой нашли невозможную планету

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An international team of astronomers first discovered exoplanet, which is located above the galactic plane of the milky Way at a distance of more than five thousand light years from her. This publication reports Science Alert.

LHS 1815b planet, orbiting the LHS 1815, was found using a space telescope called TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite). She just 1,088 times bigger than Earth, which means that the exoplanet is likely to be rocky, but its mass is 8.7 times greater than earth’s mass, making it unusually dense.

The majority of stars and interstellar gas the milky Way is a thin disc with a thickness of several hundred light years. In the thick disk density of matter much smaller. Star, typically over 10 billion years old and have low metallicity, i.e., low content of elements heavier than helium. Previously it was thought that such stars forming planetary systems is impossible.

The planet rotates on LHS 1815, is a red dwarf, with a period of 3.18 days, which excludes the possibility of the existence of life due to high radiation levels.

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