Moscow is completely closed on quarantine, the media called the cause and announced the date

If by Friday, March 20, the number of cases of coronavirus in Moscow will increase dramatically, the city will close down the city into quarantine.

“The flash: the rest of the week in Moscow will impose a total quarantine, that is, the city is essentially “closed”,” – said Ksenia Sobchak, informs “Russian Dialogue“.

The city Council is considering some overlapping of the entrances to Moscow and will be limited in time Mall, restaurants and cafes. Today, all public transport operates in the normal mode. However, from March 20 public transport, including metro, will be closed.

All these measures are taken only in the case of increasing the number infected with the coronavirus in Moscow. As of March 16, the number of infected in Russia, a deadly virus is 93 people.

Recently the government of Russia took a decision to close the borders for foreign citizens. And health workers urge citizens of the country as often as possible to wash hands with soap and water. The procedure itself should take at least 30 seconds. If the person feels unwell, you should consult a doctor and not to self-medicate.


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