All about coronavirus on March 17

Briefly about the main news of March 17:

  • In the United States began the first tests of a vaccine against coronavirus.
  • Amazon will hire 100 thousand employees of warehouses and delivery services to cope with the increase in sales during a pandemic.
  • Euro 2020 is postponed by one year to 2021.
  • Cases worldwide, more than 185 thousand, 7 of which 330 died, and 80 236 recovered.

The coronavirus was in 162 countries and territories. Over the past day from infectious disease and died 330.

What is the coronavirus?

According to the CDC, coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that infect humans and many animal species, including camels, cattle, cats and bats. One of the rare cases when animals with this virus infected people.

The virus SARS-CoV-2, which is called pandemic, is derived from bats.

According to the Associated Press, 4 patients received the experimental vaccine for the coronavirus research center, Kaiser Permanente in Seattle (WA). Experts say it will take many more months to see if it works this vaccine or any other.

The benefit of coronavirus for Amazon

Amazon said it will hire 100 thousand employees for warehouses and delivery services in the United States to cope with the increase in sales during a pandemic coronavirus.

According to the Corporation, it will increase the salaries of their employees in the UK, USA and Europe.

Delivery system companies have been under pressure as consumers shun purchases in stores and buy online.

Today St. Patrick’s Day 2020

Today, March 17, many celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Traditionally it is a day of parades and fun, since many gather in the streets, bars and pubs. But this year has been no exception.

In connection with these, using the hashtag #StPatricksDayTo Together people greet each other and share their experiences about St. Patrick’s Day on Twitter, posting pictures of parades and celebrations of past years.


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