“Money from her, I no longer get” – daughter of the assumption about the relationship with her mother after the scandal

30-year-old heir to the “Queen of chanson” Lyubov Uspenskaya Tatiana for the first time spoke about his difficult relationship with his mother after their loud family scandal.

Tatyana Plaksina openly admitted that he and my mom are still not communicating about the reconciliation and even speech can not go.

As many know, Tatyana Plaksina broadcast the show all over the country said that her famous mother Lyubov Uspenskaya constantly humiliated her and repeatedly raised her hand. This statement of the girl could not pass with impunity, and therefore, Tatiana “escaped” to his father in America as we are unable to accept the criticism of netizens, who accused her of defamation.

It should also be noted that Plaskonos have an official diagnosis of schizophrenia, and, according to experts, it is because its such a rare disease the girl and told the truth about my mom.

Reporters recently got in touch with Tatyana to find out how it her relationship with her mother, and was surprised by her answer. It turned out the girl is not going to tolerate a mother and in her support she also supposedly doesn’t need notes teleprogramma.

As we previously reported, the father of Nachalovo told about the last seconds of her life. The father of the legendary singer Yulia Nachalova, whose death still mourns the whole country, frankly told him how his daughter was saying goodbye to life.

It is also known that Singers called reason, where the coronavirus will not be able to destroy the Russians. Legendary artist Dmitry Pevtsov openly spoke on the exciting topic all about the deadly epidemic of coronavirus.


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