Moscow told Minsk, why the citizens of Belarus will not be allowed in Russia

Russia fought the ban for the citizens of Belarus to visit the country at the time of the outbreak of coronavirus. The government of Russia Minsk explained that such a step they were forced to go and it has had a long time to make the Belarusian government.

Minsk somehow refused to accept those recommendations that proposed to who: closing the borders for foreign citizens at the time of distribution in the world of the new virus, informs a resource “Russian Dialogue“.

One of the Ministers Russia drew attention of the Belarusian side on the fifth article of the Russian-Belarusian agreement. There in black and white that to ensure national security and protect the health of the population, it is possible to impose restrictions on border crossing.

In Russia underlined that they took this decision not only against Belarus, but also in other States. It’s restrictive measures in the outbreak of carnivirous around the world.

While in Moscow said that Minsk had to close their borders, as recommended by the who, but somehow even that Belarusians did not.


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