Joe Biden won the primaries in Florida, Illinois and Arizona

Joe Biden won a series of victories in three primaries of the Democratic party, strengthening his lead in the race to challenge President Donald Trump in November, and increasing the pressure on the opponent Bernie Sanders, that he ended his campaign.

The dominant victory in Florida, Illinois and Arizona was a sign that Democrats are ready to unite for Biden before the campaign will take a long break. The victory also raised the issue of whether Sanders to continue the race for the seat in the White house. Party leaders are concerned about a likely repetition of 2016, when, in their opinion, a long battle in the primaries, U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton played a role in her defeat.

77-year-old Biden won a series of decisive victories, beating Sanders almost 40 percent in Florida, 20 points in Illinois and by more than 10 points in Arizona.

As shown by polls by Edison Research, the victory of Biden, there was a broad coalition of voters of different ideologies and demographics. Polls showed that young voters aged 18 to 44 years were the largest single demographic group that supported Bernie Sanders on Tuesday.

According to surveys, 7 out of 10 voters in all three States believe that Biden has the best chance to win trump, that is a decisive factor in the democratic race this year.

In Florida, the traditional “state of the battle”, Joe Biden won in each district. Trump beat Clinton in Florida in 2016.

Despite the growing concern about the outbreak of coronavirus, which led to the cancellation of meetings across the country, Edison Research has estimated the turnout of Democrats in Florida 1.85 million – more than 1.7 million voters in 2016 and 1.75 million in 2008.



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