China told about the drug that has shown efficacy in the fight against coronavirus

During the first outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan and Shenzhen Chinese physicians to combat the virus used anti-influenza drug “Avigan”.

Zhang Xinming, head of the National center for biotechnology development, admitted that during the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan and Shenzhen, they were given infected anti-influenza drug “Avigan”, informs a resource “Russian Dialogue“.

This medication is used only for the treatment of pneumonia. The medication managed to take 320 volunteers. From the words of Xinming, for the first two days after administration of the drug in volunteers body temperature had dropped to the level of 36.6. Those who “Avigan” do not take, the body temperature stabilized only on the fourth day.

Even after four days the volunteers the cough, and ordinary people it was only on the 6th day. Yet four days later the volunteers passed the test for the coronavirus, and it was negative. Normal patients the disease was only after 11 days.

As of March 19, the number of infected coronavirus in the world exceeds 200 thousand people.


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