Dead astronaut Alfred worden

Умер астронавт Альфред Уорден

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Astronaut Alfred worden, one of the participants of the program “Apollo” and the pilot of the mission “Apollo-15”, committed while the only access to the open interplanetary space, died on 88 year of life. This was reported by relatives of the astronaut through his official account on Twitter.

“It is with deep regret to inform you that Colonel al worden died during sleep last night”, — stated in the message.

Alfred worden was one of the 24 American astronauts who visited the moon or fly around its surface during operation of the program “Apollo”. He was the pilot of the command module of the mission “Apollo-15”, flew to the moon and carried out the landing on its surface in the Sea of Rains in August 1971.

The warden was not on the surface of the moon, but he became world famous because he carried out the first in the history of the Earth access to the open interplanetary space, taking the film from cameras installed on Board the command module “Apollo 15” during the return of this ship to the Ground.

In addition, he was in the Guinness book of records as the “lone” person, as he was orbiting the moon in that moment, when his two partners, David Scott and James Irwin were on the lunar surface at a distance of 3.6 million miles from the command module.

At the current time, eleven participants of the program “Apollo” are still alive, among them — David Scott, partner worden and buzz Aldrin, a member of the crew of “Apollo 11”, the first landing on the moon.

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