The medical company is going to produce a million tests for coronavirus in a week

Company manufacturing medical equipment from the United States announced that it will increase production to a million tests for the coronavirus in a week after receiving the approval of Management on control over products and medicines USA (FDA).

Abbott Laboratories, the headquarters of which is located in Chicago (Illinois) – received permission to help make up for the shortage of tests, which severely limited the ability of countries to track the spread of COVID-19.

The company said it plans to immediately distribute about 150,000 tests throughout the U.S. and will continue to increase production to the end of the month to provide up to 1 million tests per week.

Tests will be performed on the Abbott m2000 platform, which is currently installed in 175 hospitals and laboratories across the country. According to the company, the system can perform up to 470 tests in 24 hours.

A company representative confirmed to Newsweek that the tests will go to hospitals and medical centers in 18 States, including the three most affected by the pandemic – Washington, California and new York.

“A global problem requires the cooperation of all who are able to help, – said the Chairman and CEO of Abbott Laboratories, miles white. – I’m proud of the team of Abbott and what they have achieved in such a short period of time.”

Last week the FDA also issued an emergency permit manufacturing tests COVID-19 two other companies – Massachusetts-based Thermo Fisher Scientific and Swiss pharmaceutical firm Roche.

On Monday the company Thermo Fisher Scientific said that currently they have 1.5 million tests, and what she plans to quickly increase production to 2 million tests per week, and in April – up to 5 million tests per week.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, on the morning of Thursday, March 19, in the United States was confirmed more than 9 400 cases of coronavirus, 150 people died. More than 100 people have recovered.

Throughout the world, the coronavirus fell ill nearly 220 thousand people died 8 900 people. More than 84 000 people recovered.


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