The main sign prone to cheating men

Назван основной признак склонных к измене мужчин

Men who are too focused on their appearance and attractiveness are more likely than others to change. In an interview with NSN said psychotherapist, sexologist Alexander Poleev.

In his opinion, the connection between the desire to look good and the ability to change from male representatives do exist.

“Frequent visitors to salons is men who take care of themselves. And among them the percentage of people who have mistresses, obviously, higher than that of the rare visitors of beauty salons” — says Poleev.

The expert stressed that the cause of stiff bristles of some men is the testosterone.

“Probably, that they were to change it,” he suggests.

Poleev argues that a similar trend can be seen in those men who frequent the clothing shops.

“According to statistics, those who often goes there, and more women,” says sexologist.

However, he urges sensitive approach to this issue, since the desire to follow him, the man probably wants to please his lover.


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