The death toll from the coronavirus during the day increased by 1000 people

Since the beginning of the epidemic coronavirus infection COVID-19 all over the world died at least 10030 patients. It is reported by the Johns Hopkins University.

Over the past day death toll rose to more than a thousand people, which was the highest gain in two months.

In Italy the day he died 427 people diagnosed with the disease. In total, the country lost not less than 3405 people with coronavirus. Thus, as reports the South China Morning Post, in mainland China, where the epidemic began, died about 3,250 people. Italy ranks second in the number of diagnosed diseases — more than 41 thousand.

In Iran and Spain the total number of cases by the morning of March 20, has exceeded 18 thousand people in each country, in Germany, has identified about 15 thousand cases of infection in the United States — 14 thousand, in France — about 11 thousand, in South Korea — more than 8,500.

Last day in China coronavirus found 39 people, three died. This was reported by the national health Commission of the PRC. While in Hubei province and Wuhan city, where the virus is widespread, the day did not register any new cases. In China since the epidemic began contracted 80967 people, recovered more than 71 thousand people.

With the end of 2019 coronavirus found in 245 thousand people, more than 86 thousand of them recovered.

In Russia as of March 19, identified 199 people with coronavirus


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