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Code Baseline Protocol that allows you to create a private system on Ethereum, is now available on GitHub

March 19 at GitHub was published code Baseline Protocol that allows you to create a private system based on the blockchain of Ethereum. The Protocol developed by Ernst & Young, Microsoft and ConsenSys, is now available to the public.

Because transactions in the blockchain Ethereum are public companies that need data confidentiality, use their own private blackany. Using the proof with zero disclosure, Autonomous (outside of the blockchain) data storage and distributed system identification, Baseline allows companies to use a public blockchain of Ethereum, while maintaining the confidentiality of the data.

In your post the Ethereum-startup ConsenSys writes: “the Protocol will support the tokenization and decentralized financial services in mandate Ethereum so that not to disclose the corporate assets or the actions of unauthorized parties.”

According to the documentation on GitHub, the Protocol is flexible enough and was “designed to be extended and apply to any database/workflow”.

Further work on the Protocol will be implemented in the framework of the project Ethereum-Oasis, which is run by the OASIS Foundation and is funded by the Enterprise Foundation and Ethereum Ethereum Alliance.


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