In Russia began to experience a vaccine against coronavirus

В России начали испытывать вакцину от коронавируса

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The vaccine will test on animals and will start mass production in October—December 2020.

“In Russia, for the prevention and control of epidemic COVID-19 state research center of Virology “Vector” in the shortest possible time developed prototypes of vaccines based on six different technology platforms,” reads a statement on the website of Rospotrebnadzor. Develop plan to test on animals — most often such studies use laboratory mice and rats, ferrets, or lower primates.

The Ministry stressed that this step is necessary to ensure safety and efficacy of the drug. To simulate how it will react to the immune system, at the expense of ordinary studies on cells it is impossible, therefore the vaccine test empirically, experts say. So they will be able to determine the composition, the dose and method of administration of a future vaccine.

Similar to earlier tests of the drug from the coronavirus took place in research Institute of Seattle in the USA, however, scientists decided to test it on people. The vaccine was administered to four volunteers, reminiscent of the “Public Russian television”.

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