All about coronavirus COVID-March 19 to 20

Briefly about the main news of March 20:

  • The number of deaths from the coronavirus in Italy, exceeded the death toll in China’s Hubei province, where he first identified the virus.
  • The total number of deaths from the coronavirus across — more than 10 thousand.
  • Google dedicated a new Doodle to the Hungarian doctor and Professor to Ignaz Semmelweis who first suggested that disinfection of the hands in obstetric care.

The coronavirus had spread to 163 countries and claimed more than 10,000 lives. Currently confirmed more than 245 000 cases COVID-19. Most of them outside of China.

According to who, the first 100 000 confirmed cases were recorded during the three months and the next 100 000 — in just 12 days.

Of the country where the largest number of cases:

  1. China – 81 250
  2. Italy – 41 035
  3. Iran – 18 407
  4. Spain – 18 077
  5. Germany – 16 290

In response to the spread of the virus in countries around the world are increasing measures to slowdown. The government has stopped flights, closed restaurants, cafes, salons, etc., and also urge people to isolate themselves and stay home.

Google has dedicated a Doodle to the Ignaz Semmelweis

Google has dedicated a Doodle to the Ignaz Semmelweis

Search engine Google dedicated today’s Doodle to the Hungarian doctor, obstetrician and Professor Ignaz Semmelweis the.

He is still in the 19th century became the founder of this up-to-date procedure, as hand disinfection. The first Semmelweis insisted that all doctors wash their hands in chlorine solution. However, the recognition came to him only after death.

The medical community was against his methods. In the result he was sent to a psychiatric hospital, where he died after 2 weeks.


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