Malysheva predicted the final stage which will pass coronavirus

All the known TV presenter and an expert in the field of medicine Yelena Malysheva shocked Network statement coronaviruses, which is every day increasingly spread throughout the world.

The famous doctor and TV presenter Elena Malysheva made a surprise announcement about the coronavirus. According to her, people have nothing to worry about, as this epidemic may be a simple seasonal infection.

This statement Malysheva made in its official microblogging “Instagram“. There she posted a photo from his latest release “Live healthy”, and in the caption to the picture asked all citizens to simply stop panic due to the spread of the epidemic.

The expert also noted that all known deadly epidemic coronavirus, which every day is increasingly gaining momentum and claims the lives of thousands of people, in fact may not be so terrible.

As we previously reported, Komorowski about the danger of Contracting the coronavirus during intimacy. Legendary expert in the field of medicine honestly answered many questions about the coronavirus.

It is also known that Sabitova called pros coronavirus. Main matchmaker of the country openly spoke on the topic of a deadly epidemic that continues to take over the world.


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