The scientist said that when the coronavirus in Russia will decline

Doctor of medical Sciences, member of the Academy of natural Sciences and new York Academy of Sciences Anatoly Elstein said that the coronavirus pandemic in Russia may go into decline within two months.

Ученый рассказал, когда коронавирус в России пойдет на спад

According to the scientist, such a development could be observed in China, where doctors and medics for a short time was able to suppress the epidemic.

The expert added that there are no guarantees on the timing can not be given, as such the world is facing for the first time.

The scientist also believes that a vaccine against coronavirus unlikely to have any impact on the situation in the short term, because in addition to the development of drugs that requires time for its propagation and application. However, positive dynamics can already by the end of spring to begin in the world, he said.

As for vaccines, it is necessary to develop and allocate this funding, I’m sure Alstein: “a nucleic acid of the virus, but antibodies”.

With regard to the prevention of the spread of the virus, effective method, according to the scientist, is to check every patient who enters the hospital with symptoms of pneumonia – irrespective of, whether back people from abroad or have not left the country.

“If the person does not have pneumonia, he dies from coronavirus infection,” – said the scientist.


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