To destroy the Democrats: trump armed with a coronavirus

Уничтожить демократов: Трамп вооружился коронавирусомThe new coronavirus COVID-19 has been at the forefront of the election campaign in the United States, forcing key members of the race to make adjustments to their policies. Taken by the authorities of measures to combat the pandemic can play both in favor and to the detriment of Donald Trump. But his rivals — Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden — are ready to exploit any mistake of the President against him. As the coronavirus affects the situation in the United States, to understand “Газета.Ru”.

Almost 80% of Americans concerned about the situation around the spread of the novel coronavirus on U.S. soil. According to a survey by Ipsos and ABC News, 72% of respondents noted changes in their life related to the outbreak of the virus and to work from home have already moved 17% of Americans.

The number of infected in the United States, according to the latest data, has exceeded 13 thousand, passed away 196 people. The virus has been recorded in all 50 States and the fight against it became the main topic on the agenda.

Affected by the coronavirus and the race, which is still in the stage of primary elections or primaries and Caucus.

At least four States decided to postpone the vote to a later date, and in the other the application of such measures is actively discussed. All campaign events and performances cancelled — candidates communicate with voters only via social media and interviews in the media.

The crisis creates additional opportunities for the current US President Donald trump, but at the same time puts him in danger. Now his chances for reelection in November largely depend on how the government will prove themselves in the fight against the pandemic.

Trump probably understands this and recently takes severe measures: the U.S. has completely closed its borders to foreigners at the level of individual States introduced a state of emergency, and to support the economy it is planned to allocate a record $1.3 trillion. Assistance to the victims of the virus. We are talking about the treatment of citizens without insurance, free tests for coronavirus and guaranteed payments for sick leave.

In addition, the Congress offered to pay a lump sum of $1,200 to all Americans who earn less than $75 thousand a year.

Forgot the American government and business. The payment of leave to employees, the state will partially take on a small business lending plan to spend $300 million, and companies engaged in passenger and cargo services, can get almost $60 billion.

Change of policy

As Politico writes, in recent weeks, the rhetoric trump against coronavirus has changed. And with it the direction of his campaign. If the President made their presentations on the progress in the economy, they are now increasingly focused on the active suppression of coronavirus. Trump also switched to a more serious tone and consistently points to the importance of the actions of the US government.

Partly it was promoted by the American media. On the one hand, criticizing trump for being too frivolous approach to the threat, they pointed to panic in the society — huge queues in the shops for groceries, difficulty getting medical care for citizens without insurance, and the General unwillingness of the USA to the pandemic.

“We were fully prepared. The only thing we were not prepared for is the media. The media didn’t covered it. I imposed a ban on the entry of people from China. The people in this room (for briefings) called me a racist and other words, because I did it so early” — responds to this criticism trump, speaking to reporters.

All suspicion of the media in the ineffectiveness of the measures taken, the President has denied, and insisted that the situation in the US is under control.

According to a poll by ABC News / Ipsos from March 19, Americans in this case are on the side of trump — the President’s actions are supported by 55% of respondents. Although in the early months of a positive decision of the state was estimated only 43% of respondents.

However, this figure varies depending on the party preferences of Americans. For example, 69% of Democrats have a negative attitude to the decisions of the trump coronavirus, support them only 30%. The reverse situation in the camp of Republicans — approve of the President 92%, and vs are the 8%.

Enemy interest

This result is quite expected, as the democratic party disapproves of almost all solutions of trump since his election as President. And although the issue of pandemic the Republicans and Democrats have so far managed to keep a rare for the last four years, the consensus, this does not prevent potential rivals trump in the presidential election continue to criticize the head of state.

His main opponents are former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, candidates for nomination for the presidency from the Democrats. Most likely, this role will take on Biden, who remains a favorite in a democratic primary. Recently, his campaign focused on the coronavirus, namely the criticism of recent decisions trump.

“The virus has exposed the serious shortcomings of the current administration. A permanent lack of confidence in the current President exacerbated fears in society, and his hostile attitude to the truth of these fears balloons”,

— Biden spoke in one of his last performances.

The pandemic has become fertile ground for critics of the President’s staunch socialist Sanders, which indicates the unwillingness of the American health care system to the epidemic. In his opinion, not all Americans are unable to help due to the lack of uniform health insurance in the US, they provide different private companies. In addition, the Senator criticized the President for delaying the introduction of emergency regime in the US and “praise” in China.

Despite the fiery speeches, both contenders for the role of the presidential candidate of a major test will be a fundraiser, because in combat the coronavirus, the us government banned the holding of mass events. Alternatively, the command Biden will organize virtual meetings with voters, but how successful they are, is unclear.

Re-election under threat

At the end of February, when the topic of coronavirus were not of a political character, the American leader called his Chinese counterpart XI Jinping a “good guy” and assured that he will be able to solve the problem with the virus. Now, however, praises trump against China can be called a closed Chapter. Recently, the President focused on criticism of Beijing.

“The world pays a heavy price for what had not been informed. It would be nice if we learned about the cases a few months ago,” said trump at a press briefing at the White house.

The change of rhetoric, trump may be associated with the mood of American society, which is not too sympathetic to China. In the March Gallup poll, only 33% of Americans have a positive perception of the PRC, which corresponds to a record low in 1997 and 2000.

While Biden is sure that the way trump tries to partially absolve the government of responsibility for failures in the fight against the virus.

“Trump desperately lashes out at China, trying to hide their incompetence and mismanagement. He’s lying and trying to hide the fact that a month has ignored experts who talked about the danger,” — said at the headquarters of the former Vice President.

Hands on China is unlikely to help Trump to get away from the wrath of the Americans in the event of the failure of his plans to fight disease. Probably in case of overcoming of the crisis the President will have carte Blanche for his reelection, but at a different outcome on the day of the vote he can expect to lose.


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