All about coronavirus COVID-19 to 21 Mar

Briefly about the main news of March 21:

  • In the last 24 hours in Italy from the coronavirus died nearly 800 people.
  • The number of cases of coronavirus in the state of new York now exceeds 10 000.

Coronavirus COVID-19 already spread to 167 countries and claimed more than 700 lives 12.

Currently, more than 260 000 confirmed cases of the disease in most cases outside of China, where the first recorded virus.

Last week, Europe is in the midst of the crisis. In many countries, increasing mortality from COVID-19.

The number of victims of coronavirus in Italy grew by 793 people in the last 24 hours and reached a total of 4825 people.

This figure is the largest for all time of the spread of coronavirus. Just two days Italy was in first place of mortality in the world, overtaking China.

Of the country where the largest number of cases COVID-19:

  1. China – 81 300
  2. Italy – 53 575
  3. Spain – 25 374
  4. USA – 22 177
  5. Germany – 21 828

The situation of coronavirus is changed daily because yesterday in third place for the number infected was Iran.

Today, March 21, the Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo said that the number of cases of coronavirus in the state increased by more than 3,000 people and currently employ more than 10,000 people. In total, the state spent 45 437 tests.


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