Scientists: Earth may be ejected from the Solar system

Ученые: Земля может быть выброшена из Солнечной системы

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Unexpectedly, the scientists found that the probability that the Land can be “ejected” from the Solar system are not so small — it can happen.

Scientists estimate the probability of crowding our planet beyond the Solar system. Researchers from Skifskogo University conducted a new study that has identified new, shocking all the numbers. It turned out that the probability of this happening is 1 in 15000, which is not something transcendent.

The model showed that out of every 10,000 of Earth-like planets, only one suffered from the disaster. That’s what said on this occasion, Paul M. Sutter, research Professor of stony brook University for the site

“When the star is approaching the Solar system, it can start to change the orbit of the Earth. When the Ground and the offender are close, our planet can get a little energy, a small gravitational leash from unwanted guest”.

“The impact slightly, but if this happens year after year, the Earth may gradually obtain energy that will push her away farther from the Sun and even knocked out of the habitable zone. What, ultimately, will turn our planet into the machine”.

“However, even if the planet will be thrown out of the Solar system, not the fact that the Earth will perish all life. Almost all life forms on Earth get their energy from sunlight and photosynthesis. Plants and algae feed on sunlight, turn it into energy, and then we absorb the energy of the plant and turn it into food.”

Scientists confirm that the stars are constantly moving and move in the center of our galaxy. If the star is too close to the Solar system, it could potentially destabilize all of our orbit. While the likelihood of this scenario is not too high, but in more compact parts of the milky Way, it is 160 times higher. Message to Scientists: Earth may be ejected from the Solar system appeared first on RW Space.

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