The pastor conducted the last rites on the phone for an elderly patient with COVID-19

This week pastor conducted the last rites for 91-year-old resident of Connecticut, an infected COVID-19.

On Wednesday William pike of New Canaan received the last sacrament from the Reverend Peter Walsh and said goodbye to his family on the phone from his bed in the hospital of Norwalk, before you die from the virus, reports the New York Post.

“I made a lot of unusual pastoral Affairs, but this was the first.” – said Walsh.

Pike was one of two residents of New Canaan, who died from COVID-19 for 24 hours. Another victim, an unidentified man aged 80 years, died on Thursday, becoming the third to be killed by the coronavirus in the state.

Pike felt ill in February before a trip to Florida, he was later taken to hospital Norwalk. Pike’s son, Daniel, and his wife visited him on Sunday and Monday and thought he was recovering well, as they could sit or even watch TV. Daniel said that the family thought that Soldering pneumonia and it will soon be discharged from the hospital. But on Tuesday, hospital staff told the family the terrible news: Ration was diagnosed with coronavirus. On Wednesday his condition has changed dramatically, prompting relatives to contact with Walsh, who spoke with Pike thanks to the nurse who held the phone for him.

“I’ve spent the last ritual, then the whole family had time to say that they love it.” – says Walsh.

15 minutes later pike died. The funeral procession for former US Navy Lieutenant will not be carried out because of fears of the spread of the virus and bans on large gatherings in Connecticut. But Walsh said that after the abolition of these measures, the parishioners of the Episcopal Church. Mark’s in New Canaan will be able to pay tribute to “a true gentleman of the old school”.


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