Scientists have named an unusual way of dealing with global warming

Учёные назвали необычный способ борьбы с глобальным потеплением

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They offer spraying in the atmosphere aerosols to reduce warming by half.

The idea itself is not new. It is even criticized. But researchers in a recent paper created a model of geo-engineering (direct climate impacts of Land) by spraying in the stratosphere of aerosol, to assess where it may lead.

Scientists eventually said that if you slow it down in this way, the warming half, it is possible to mitigate climate threats in almost all regions. And the costs will be minimal.

In the model of scientists as aerosol was considered to sulfur dioxide. The researchers noted that only this measure does not solve the problem of global warming in General. The idea can be considered only as part of a comprehensive approach. Without emissions reductions, of course, can not do.

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