Died the doctors of Italy, forced treated patients with coronavirus without gloves

Died physician from Italy who in a recent television interview he shared his concern over the lack of medical supplies, saying that he has to treat patients with the coronavirus without gloves.

Marcello Natali (57 years) from Codogno in the Northern region of Lombardy has also drawn attention to the number of doctors who had contracted the coronavirus, during an interview with Euronews before he got the virus.

He frankly told the channel that does not have the possibility to work in gloves because “they ran out”.

He explained: “We certainly were not prepared to face such situation. Especially the era after the emergence of antibiotics, which grew up thinking that the pills from illness enough”.

After he got sick, Natalie was hospitalized in Cremona before he was transferred to Milan after the development of bilateral pneumonia.

Italian Federation of General Practitioners has confirmed his death, and Secretary Paola Pedrini compared the level of the outbreak in the country which suffered most of all in Europe, with the”war”.

She said that only in the province of Bergamo 110 doctors of the 600 sick and medical supplies are still lacking.

“The situation has not improved since the end of February. We got some masks, gloves, kits and nothing more. Mask, which you need to use half a day, there is a week”. “When possible, we try to work on the phone, to avoid the spread of the virus and contact with people who are still carrying the virus”,- said Pedrini.

The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte said the quarantine in the country can be extended. He told the newspaper Corriere della Sera that “the measures taken, canceling public gatherings and closing schools, can be extended”.


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