Men, the elderly and people with chronic illnesses more likely to die from coronavirus

The number of reported cases COVID-19 in the world grows rapidly, causing people increasingly to question whether they are vulnerable to the virus.

To date, the report of the Chinese center for control and prevention of diseases, studied the medical records of patients 72,314 within the country, is one of the most engrossing studies of the virus — and is able at least partially to shed light on the possible risk.

The older the patient the higher the probability of death

As the report shows, the majority of deaths from the virus — 14,8% — were at least 80 years. Followed by the age category 70-79 years (8%) and 60-69 years (3.6 per cent), while the mortality rate among patients aged from 30 to 49 years was only 0.6%.

Talking about your medical history?

According to the CDC, one of the most vulnerable patients — people with chronic illnesses and severe clinical picture. 10.5% of the deceased suffering from cardiovascular diseases, 7.3% of diabetes, more than 6% had chronic respiratory condition.

Among other risk factors — hypertension (6%) and cancer (5.6 percent).

Men risk more women

According to World Health Organization, 51% of cases of the disease in the country was recorded among men. Stat News suggestthat such statistics are very prosaic explanation: more regular patrols and the associated social circle increases the chances of men to come into contact with a carrier of the virus.

However, the mortality rate among men and a really higher: 2.8 percent compared with 1.7% among women.

Of all the cases examined by the CDC, 4.7 per cent was seen as critical — and in 49% of cases ended fatally. Just died 2.3% of cases.


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