The doctors found, whether the coronavirus in drinking water

The world Health Organization denied rumors that the coronavirus is transmitted through the water. But walks on the network information about how long the virus survives on various surfaces. For example, it is alleged that on the tree he is able to live… up to 4 years! About how things work in practice, observer of the “MK” talked to the head of the Department of infectious diseases of the First MGMU them. Setchenov Elena Volchkova.

Медики выяснили, живет ли коронавирус в питьевой воде

As the official who representative Tariq BiH national jasarevic Azra, currently no scientific evidence of the fact that the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 is able to spread because of the use of water from the tap there. “There is generally any scientific, or even pseudo-scientific evidence of the credibility of this fact”, – he declared.

– Can viruses, in principle, be transmitted through the water – water, in open water?

– The fact that we have a centralized water supply and there is a good water treatment, chlorination, etc. In Moscow you can drink tap water safely. All pools also intensive water chlorination. With regard to open reservoirs, there exist not so many viruses, how many parasitic and bacterial infection; viruses in open reservoirs do not live, the more there is high insolation to which they are sensitive. And if there is fecal contamination, including sewage along the banks of rivers, there is, of course, there is the risk of Contracting a bacterial infection. But not a virus.

– Speaking of insolation. Scientists talk about sensitivity, the whole family of coronaviruses to UV light. Is there any hope that with the onset of warm days spread COVID will slow down? And why did he not stop in hot countries such as India or Italy is the same?

It is necessary to take into account the density of the population. And if you take India, the people there live on top of each other and there is complete lack of sanitation. Under such conditions of no insolation does not help. It is believed that need maximum distance, hold not less than five feet from one another — this ensures the interruption of transmission of the virus by airborne droplets. But Yes, the virus is very sensitive to UV light. In this case, when close contact even under sunlight, the virus transmission can take place. It is believed that the temperature is higher than plus-9 devastating for him. However, even if 30 plus people gather densely in the room, no temperature effects will not play the role.

– The Internet is spreading information about what COVID survives on the tree for 4 years. Could it be?

— Proven such data are not available, it is unclear where the information appears. Such reports require references to scientific publishing, and if it is not-information is inaccurate and unrealistic. But if there is a link, open it and read. Sometimes even in the same link there is nothing. But people believe all that apply.

— New European recommendations coming from the street, you must immediately wash all the clothes, wash the shoes and clean up, including the head. What do you think, is this too much?

— To cause a disease, the virus needs to get on the mucous membranes — eyes, to a lesser extent, and mainly in the respiratory tract. As for outerwear, by ingestion of the virus on the fabric, it’s very unlikely to get infected – unless somehow bring it into their mucous membranes. To wash not necessarily, you can carry out treatment with disinfectant for clothes. Easier to minimize the going to the people. Or to keep your distance from any people, then just don’t get. If you stand at a distance of six feet from a sick person and he does not cough, you can’t catch it. All of these recommendations are intended to psychologically get people to stay at home. In the UK that took in the heat of the flash staged a marathon. And when a person runs, the frequency of breathing increases and the possibility of the spread of the virus increases.

– What are your recommendations?

– Wash your hands best soap and for a long time. At the time, who gave recommendations for flushing the nasal passages and throat using yoga – it allows you to wash away the virus from the mucous membranes and greatly reduces the risk of infection.


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