14 gifs that visually explain why women live longer than men

Looking at these gifs, it is hard not to agree that women are much more circumspect and careful than men. Often the boys are at undue risk, showing off for the ladies or just having fun in the company. And this behavior seems to be inherent in them since childhood.

Let some heroes of our review and received serious injuries, this does not make their situation less comical. Dear men, learn from the mistakes of others and please be careful!

Source: The Chive

Best friends will always find a way to make life brighter companion. Not only that, hero gifs not downright scared, and got a heavy ball for gymnastics right in the face.

The horizontal bar on the ceiling — not the best idea.

Wanted to warm up before exercise, but something went wrong.

Show-off anyone else to no good arguments, and this guy is proof of this. Why would he need to spin on the bar?

I think someone had a little too much. Well, or just “not friendly” with gravity.

You waited too fail with two parkour enthusiasts? At least you can be happy that these two got hit by a car. Well, the victim can only wish one thing – to be careful.

Either the guys forgot to practice, or the protagonist something they did. The lump will remain.

Instant karma in all its glory. Why do the bad thing and destroy the car?

When kids will ask why you can not do “sun” on the swings, show them this GIF.

I wonder whether the bookies betting on the outcome of the battle?

Lesson number 1. When you are in the arena with the bull, all attention should be focused on the animal.

“Look, I can do this!”

I think it was supposed to be a genius jump.

Part in any mass clashes is a huge risk of injury. But this guy is a real “lucky”. He managed to obtain a shell.

Dear men, tell me, have you ever been in such situations?

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