Posted the footage as coronavirus affect the lungs

Coronavirus continues to spread across the planet. Every day the number of victims of the deadly virus is increased, thereby spreading panic among the inhabitants of the Earth. Russian doctors and scientists are studying the enemy to inflict on him a decisive blow. The doctors decided to tell and show what happens to light when they attack the virus.

Russian doctors, who study in detail a new virus managed to capture the process of development of the virus in the human body and pathologies caused by a coronavirus, informs a resource “Russian Dialogue“.

With the help of computer tomography the doctors managed to study in detail the influence of strain of SARS-CoV-infected lungs on the 19. In images of the lungs can be observed the effect of “frosted glass” – radiological non-specific symptom, reflecting pathological changes in the lung tissue at the level of the alveoli.

After entering the human body the virus, while in the lower respiratory passages begins to affect the blood vessels, thickening them and causing infiltration.

Lesions “capture” entire “territory” of the lungs. As a result, the liquid is released, which disturbs the respiratory function of the lungs. End result is swelling of the lungs.


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