A resident of Kansas told about the delayed test, because of which her husband died of coronavirus

The spouse of a resident of Kansas who died because of coronavirus, described his last days in a post on Facebook. She told me about how he visited 2 emergency rooms and a hospital, before the doctors had him test for the coronavirus.

The test revealed that Dennis Wilson (74) from Lenexa coronavirus, as posted by Joanna Wilson in a post on Facebook where she expressed the pain of losing her beloved husband.

Dennis, inspector of schools, retired, died on Saturday morning – 5 days after the test virus showed a positive result. He was sick for more than 2 weeks before he died.

“The struggle is over”, wrote Joanna after the death of Dennis. “I’m heartbroken! This has been an incredibly awful week of unbearable suffering men, whom I have loved all my life and 3 children and our 6 grandchildren who could only watch helplessly while her distance”.

The fight is over. I am absolutely heartbroken! It has been an indescribably horrible week of immeasurable suffering on…

Geplaatst door Joanna Wilson op Zaterdag 21 maart 2020

Dennis showed symptoms of the flu in the week before he went to the emergency room on March 12, he wrote his wife. She told me that her husband said to go home, rest, drink plenty of fluids. And have not had a test.

“On Friday evening we again went to the emergency room and received the same answer. But this time he was tested for influenza virus A and B, and both results were negative”.

On Sunday night, Wilson went to a local hospital. His oxygen level was low, and he found pneumonia. “The doctors suspected a coronavirus, although it did not meet the criteria for testing,”she said, noting that the doctors did all that was in their power.

Finally, the test was performed, which confirmed the presence of coronavirus in the male body. Despite the actions of doctors, Dennis passed away on Saturday morning.

The son of man Luke Wilson said: “Dennis was not a young man, but perfectly healthy for his age. The virus is insidious and cruel, it isolates and it seemed that he appeared out of nowhere, infected him earlier during the outbreak, although he had no contacts with ill persons or recent travel. We were not prepared to cope with this enemy, and my wonderful father paid the price”.


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