Guy says he contracted the coronavirus after she licked the toilet for the challenge

Influencer named Larz, 21, stated that he had been hospitalized with coronavirus — just a few days, as published in social networks a video which licks the toilet bowl.

Creepy, dangerous and most importantly, the spectacle is part of the TikTok, a trend which began with the 22-year-old star of the social networks of Ava Louise: she posted a similar entry with the caption “coronavirus challenge“. He Larz stated that it had removed the video to “raise awareness about the coronavirus“. Tweet where the guy then informed about the disease, was later deleted and his account was suspended.

During the last edition of Good Morning Britain TV presenter piers Morgan commented on the incident with influencers, calling his hospitalization “karma“.

“So karma works. — he said — If you behave stupidly, recklessly, and like a pig, then pay accordingly”.

“Of course I’m not happy about what happened, — said Morgan, has repeatedly criticized the similar live in extremely harsh terms — and I don’t want someone hurt, but such antics must end. <…> Think about it: who else managed to get this guy [before hospitalisation]?”

Users of social networks, in turn, doubt that guy is really sick — and not wrongly assume it’s just another attempt of influencer to attract attention.

Lars becomes the object of universal condemnation is not the first time. The guy managed to be part of another notorious challenge: removing the video where he opens a jar of ice cream in supermarket, licks it, and returns it in the freezer.

After that the Casket was invited on the Dr. Phil show, during which the guy made some more controversial statements — including calling his family “insignificant” and saying that does not communicate with the family because they have “no money, no subscribers“.

Today in the US were more than 55 thousand cases of the coronavirus, of which 784 — lethal.


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