Pugacheva has shown how in conditions of isolation without photoshop and makeup

The legendary Russian pop Diva Alla Pugacheva showed what she looks like sitting at home on quarantine.

The network enthusiastically discusses new pictures of Alla Pugacheva, which she captured during the isolation of the house. According to her fans, she looks great without Photoshop and everyday makeup.

Yesterday, in its official microblogging “Instagram” spouse Pugacheva Maxim Galkin held a live broadcast with the famous blogersha Nastya Ivlievu. The artists talked about life, suddenly in the frame appeared very Diva.

Fans of the artists who watched the stream, was delighted with its appearance and so hurried to make some screenshots with the image.

Today these photographs appeared online, and many Russians immediately began to discuss the appearance of Alla during the quarantine. It is worth noting that as one confidently said that Pugacheva looks great without makeup. According to them, “home” Diva they like much more than “ochotorena and painted”.

As we previously reported, Valery called the best way to protect loved ones from the epidemic. The famous singer has told how she protects her mother from the possibility of Contracting coronavirus, and also called the best way to not catch this disease.

It is also known that Petrosian found a way to banish the coronavirus. Famous showman and comedian made an unexpected statement about the way of dealing with a rapidly spreading worldwide epidemic of coronavirus.


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