In Siberia, have created an algorithm for translation of pre-revolutionary publications

В Сибири создали алгоритм для перевода дореволюционных изданий

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Novosibirsk scientists have created a system that allows you to translate the pre-revolutionary texts in modern Russian spelling

The old books are now incomprehensible to many Russians. After the reform of the orthography of the Russian language has changed many of the rules. Developed by scientists, the system will automatically transform the text in the usual reader’s view almost without human intervention.

— In the old spelling of morphemes we can distinguish several groups of words — the official publication of the Russian Academy of Sciences “Science in Siberia”. — The researchers compared the old and new writing for each of the groups and identifying patterns between them, described translation rules underlying the program.

After completion of the first stage of translation, the program proceeds to the next stage replacement of the obsolete letters.

The algorithm is designed to work with large volumes of texts. It can perform the routine work of the editors and gives scientists additional tools for text analysis.

The researchers hope that the project will be in demand of mass users, for example, libraries with a large volume of pre-revolutionary funds.

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