“No one knew,” secret nachalovo the diagnosis became known only now

Today it became known that suddenly left the world of the singer Yulia Nachalova was a secret diagnosis, which previously no one knew.

The deceased artist Yulia Nachalova had serious problems with the skin, which resulted in dire consequences to her health.

About it has told a close friend of the performer, who wished to remain anonymous. According to her, Yulia all the time under clothing concealed a terrible rash, which later turned out to be psoriasis.

Such doctors have diagnosed the entertainer, and Nachalova did everything to not let anyone know about her illness, so in public she always wore gloves and closed clothing dark tones.

A friend of the actress also admitted that the disease greatly affected her psychological condition. Due to the fact that the star constant was to hide her illness, she was irritable and angry.

However, the worst was on stage for the concert costumes and action during the performances she was sweating and the psoriasis started to itch badly, which made Yulia feel terrible.

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