Obesity can lead to complications in the coronavirus

Patients with coronavirus, have excess weight, are more susceptible to serious complications during illness – reported by Dr. Stephen de hurt, a former President of the European society of anaesthesiologists.

The doctor has determined that obesity is one of the most common risk factors among patients entering intensive care units in Italy.

“The average age of all patients with COVID-19 is 70 years, and one of the main risk factors for admission to intensive care is obesity.” he said.

Public health officials warn that obesity and overweight can weaken the immune system and increase inflammation, which greatly complicates the body’s fight against bacteria and viruses. The extra weight can also put pressure on the lungs, which increases the risk of complications from coronavirus, writes the New York Post.

Representatives of medicine from the UK also noted that obesity seriously affects the condition of the patient in severe cases COVID-19, as new data showed that almost two-thirds of patients needing intensive care were overweight.

The national centre for audit and research in intensive care the National health service published a studyin which 127 out of 196 cases in the ICU were overweight. The study indicated that 71 patients in critical condition BMI was 30 or higher is considered obese.

According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, the new findings became known after the virus has spread among the 487 000 people worldwide.


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