On the occasion of Igor Krutoy from contact with a woman could be infected with a coronavirus stars: the names of the

Recently, many Russian stars celebrated the birthday of the sister of the famous producer Igor Krutoy. There’s also the celebration was attended by patients with coronavirus Lev Leshchenko, which could have infected contacts with him.

As many of you know already, Lev Leshchenko and his wife discovered coronavirus. In connection with these events began to remember how the artist spent their leisure time before disease and who may be a potential infected.

It turned out that shortly before his illness, he visited his sister’s birthday of Igor Krutoy, which was also attended by many Russian stars. The artist was closely associated with many, and it is possible that now, they can all be infected.

To find out who may be a potential patients, failed due to the roller from the celebration that in its official microblogging “Instagram” published Igor Krutoy.

Of the most famous artists there seen Basque, Kudryavtseva, Allegrova, Gazmanov, Rubalskaya, Kudaibergenov, Ukupnik, Navka, Nikolaev. Also it is difficult to count less popular artists, who also were in close contact with Leshchenko.

It should be noted that the expert of the media Commission of the public chamber of the Russian Federation Vadim Manukyan also made a statement about the potential patients, and in particular, about Larissa Rubalskaya and Arkady Ukupnik. According to him, they are one of the first, after he learned about the diagnosis Leshchenko, ran to get a test for the coronavirus.

As we previously reported, Sobchak violates an order of isolation for a good purpose. Infamous TV presenter and the journalist deliberately violate the quarantine regime. The star admitted, why she’s risking her life.

It is also known that Kutsenko said that people “deserve” the coronavirus. Well-known actor and showman Gosha Kutsenko outspoken on the topic of the collapsed epidemic coronavirus. According to the artist, sooner or later it was bound to happen.


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