Residents of Moscow and Moscow region in the next few days will be able to see the flight of the ISS

Жители Москвы и области в ближайшие дни смогут увидеть полет МКС

The international space station (ISS) in the coming days you will see over Moscow and the Moscow region, for this had gone to the isolation of residents don’t even have to go outside the station will be visible from the Windows of apartments, according to the space Museum.

“To see the ISS in Moscow and the Moscow region need to look at the southern sky. The station will appear as bright stars in the southwest and in a few moments will pass from right to left, to the South-East,” are available on the website of the Museum of the word researcher Dmitry Eremenko.

Despite the fact that the station can be seen even from the Windows, Eremenko recommends that you select open and wait for the appearance of the station in the sky beforehand.

To see the station will be from 24 March to 1 April 2020. Schedule visibility published on the website of the Museum. For example, 24 Mar flight the station will be visible from 20.19 20.23 GMT on GMT.


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