Nutritionist dispelled the myth about the Asian antiviral plant

Диетолог развеяла миф об азиатском противовирусном растении

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To raise the immunity during epidemics nutritionists advise you to eat garlic, lemons and more expensive Asian counterparts. About its properties in an interview with radio Sputnik said dietitian and nutritionist Irina slime.

“In the middle ages ginger was treating the plague. Thought he was so strong antiseptic that already plague cures. Understand that hardly anyone from the plague with the help of ginger cured. In literature we can find evidence that ginger is a great source of vitamins B, E and C. In reality, 100 grams of ginger and how much to eat is difficult — contain from 2 to 5% of the daily value of these vitamins,” — said the nutritionist.

It is difficult to eat one hundred grams of ginger, because it causes a burning sensation in the mouth and after in the stomach. In connection with this unusual effect, ginger is called the “Golden root” or “cure for a hundred diseases”, said Irina slime radio Sputnik.

“Ginger in folk medicine attributed many properties. All because of the main values which are essential oils. It also has alcohol gingerale, which provide pungent taste. Through these components ginger is a great antiseptic. It can be chewed to disinfect the mouth. Or to use another method to stimulate the production of bile,” — said the nutritionist slime.

The main thing that draws the attention of the dietician Irina slime, you have to remember that ginger is still help immunity and not full treatment.

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