The Prime Minister on udalenke: Johnson contracted the coronavirus

Премьер на удаленке: Джонсон заразился коронавирусомPrime Minister Boris Johnson discovered coronavirus. According to the Chairman of the Cabinet, last night he had a fever and persistent cough. Now Johnson will work remotely. Health Minister Matt Hancock who has been in contact in recent days with the Prime Minister, also passed test positive for the infection.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 55-year-old Boris Johnson has announced positive test results for a disease caused by a novel coronavirus.

“In the last 24 hours, I developed mild symptoms, and analysis for coronavirus was positive,” he wrote on his Twitter page.

In the video, which he attached to the tweet, the British government announced that he had “fever and cough”.

“Now I am in isolation, but I will continue to direct the response actions of the government in the videoconference, we will fight the coronavirus,” assured Johnson.

In the video he also expressed gratitude to the doctors, volunteers, police, social workers and anyone who struggles with the coronavirus. Turning to the British, he urged to implement measures prescribed by doctors.

“Thank you to everyone who does what I do — working from home, to stop the virus from spreading from house to house. This is the way in which we are going to win, and win it together. Stay home, protect the National health service and save lives,” he appealed to the countrymen the head of the Cabinet.

At the end of his message, Johnson put the hashtag #StayHomeSaveLives (“Stay at home — save a life”. Russian analogue — #luchadora), which urges people not to go unnecessarily into the street. If it still has to do to keep a safe distance of about two meters and carefully observe the rules of hygiene, including frequently washing hands.

The head of the Ministry of health in Britain Matt Hancock also contracted the coronavirus. In addition, according to the British tabloid The Sun, now on quarantine will have to resign and the Minister of Finance to Rishi Sunak, since he had met with Johnson in recent days.

The British government on the evening of 23 March was presented in the house of Commons a bill to impose a state of emergency.

This initiative involves increasing the number of medical staff due to the return of retired, as well as the involvement of volunteers. In addition, the bill contains a provision stating that the country’s borders can close at any time. This document allows for the detention and isolation of persons who can infect others with coronavirus.

The British were obliged to sit at home and go out only for purchases of commodities, meet medical needs, travel to and from work and run “exercise once a day.” For the duration of restrictions is also prohibited gatherings of more than two people. By the way, the trip to work is also allowed only in case of emergency.

In this case just two weeks before Johnson belonged to the epidemiological situation more calmly: did not announce the closure of public places and schools and only advised for older people to travel.

In addition, the Prime Minister said that he sees no benefit in a ban on sporting events, because instead of them the British will still gather in pubs.

However, later it became clear that the British government seriously concerned about the situation of coronavirus in the United Kingdom.

“If we do not act together, if we do not take heroic and collective efforts at the national level to slow the spread, then very likely that our own health system will be affected as well [as Italy]”, — said in the appeal of the Prime Minister to the nation.

March 12 — the day after the world health organization (who) declared the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic — Johnson made a statement in which he said that the London strategy is not “containment” of the infection, and its “delay”.

“It’s not just the attempt to control the disease as much as possible and to delay its spread and thereby minimize the suffering,” — said the British Prime Minister. He urged those who discovered the first symptoms, stay home for seven days.


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