86-year-old Italian beats the coronavirus after 7 weeks of treatment in the hospital

The woman burst into tears when he left the hospital in Northern Italy after a long battle with coronavirus.

The patient, whose name is Gianna (86 years old) got on video when she was discharged from the hospital. The video was posted on Facebook Eli Dalmiglio, mayor of Casalpusterlengo. The Eli shared the story Jeanny with the permission of her family.

The Eli said that Gianna had contracted the coronavirus while staying in the hospital. Over the 7 weeks of treatment, she managed to stay in 2 hospitals.

“She fought hard for these weeks and thanks to the incredible work of the doctors and nurses were able to recover after infection with coronavirus”– wrote in a post on Facebook the mayor. “Among the many stories of pain and suffering the story of recovery Gianni gives us hope”.

Oggi vi voglio raccontare la storia di Gianna, nostra concittadina 86enne che ha sconfitto il coronavirus, contratto durante una degenza in ospedale.Dopo 7 lunghe settimane di ricovero negli ospedali di Casale e Codogno, ieri Gianna ha potuto “riabbracciare” (purtroppo non fisicamente) la sua famiglia.Sono state settimane in cui ha lottato con ogni forza, e grazie a un incredibile lavoro di medici e infermieri, è riuscita a guarire dal Covid19.Un grande grazie va dunque a tutti i medici, gli infermieri, gli operatori sanitari che operano nelle nostre strutture e con grande dedizione, amore e competenza si dedicano a chi soffre.Tra tante storie di dolore e sofferenza, la guarigione di Gianna ci da tanta speranza.Forza Gianna e forza a tutti coloro che stanno lottando.

Geplaatst door Elia Delmiglio Sindaco di Casalpusterlengo op Woensdag 25 maart 2020

Most people coronavirus only causes symptoms of mild or moderate severity, for example, fever and cough. But in the case of the elderly and people with existing health problems it can lead to more serious diseases, including pneumonia. At the moment already recovered more than 100 thousand people, including about 60 million in China and more than 7000 in Italy.

In Italy the doctors and nurses pleaded with the government to provide them with more masks and goggles and called on the public to understand how necessary social distancing. Scientists say that even if we can prevent just 1 person to catch the virus, it means that many others will not be infected after him.

“Help us help you”,- wrote in an open letter to Dr. Francesca De Gennaro, who manages a small clinic in a highly affected by coronavirus Bergamo in Italy.

The infection rate in Italy slowed down a bit, said Dr. Hans Kluge, the head of the European regional office of who. He said officials hope soon to understand if it worked isolation measures imposed in many countries.


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