20 big dogs that have no idea how huge

All dogs love hugs, kisses and climb on the handle. And there is no reason to give that up, even if you’ve outgrown the host.

We spread out from the emotion, looking at these giants that seem to, have no idea what size they are.

1. Doctor, are you sure I’m the dog?

2. You’re not hard?

3. The dog is considered a valid reason for being late to work?

4. Don’t know who is who.

5. The real king of the beasts looks like.

6. A great and loyal friend.

7. The alarm for 5 am and put.

8. It was time for hugs!

9. That feeling when you’ve outgrown the host.

10. When we firmly believe that it is still a puppy.

11. Oh, my favorite show starts.

12. We had a sofa to take.

13. I told you weight?

14. Girls, I to you.

15. I want to handle!

16. My sweet and tender beast.

17. But you don’t need a blanket.

18. Why should I bowl? Me and so comfortable.

19. In my heart I’m still a puppy.

20. Good dogs should be a lot!

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