Sobyanin clear penalties for violators of isolation in Moscow

In the Moscow mayor’s office made the statement on the introduction of penalties for violators of home isolation, which from Monday is introduced in the capital.

Monday, March 30, in Moscow, the mode input universal home isolation because of the epidemic coronavirus infection COVID-19. On that Sunday said the mayor Sergei Sobyanin, reports the Russian Dialogue.

From this day in the capital it is forbidden to go outside for no particular reason. Authorities have identified a list of cases in which Muscovites can leave their apartment.

In particular, are allowed to go to the nearest grocery store or pharmacy, to make waste or to walk the pet, but at a distance not exceeding 100 metres from the residence. It also enables travel to and from work, for those who are obliged to continue their work.

However, in the near future for access to the street will require special permits that will be issued in the order established by the city government.

A spokesman for the Moscow mayor Gulnara Penkova said that in the near future the city authorities to decide how to punish violators of home isolation.

The timing of the Muscovites passes will be known after the determination of the mechanism of their issuance.

Presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin consider reasonable additional steps in Moscow.

In turn, the main epidemiologist of Ministry of health Nikolay Briko confident that self-isolation at home will reduce the intensity of infection.

Before the authorities closed in Moscow 15 thousand public catering enterprises and over 40 thousand stores.

As of March 29 in Moscow was 1 014 cases of infection coronavirus infection, 6 of them fatal.


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