To leave the apartment only in five occasions: the mayor appealed to residents of Moscow

On March 29, Sergey Sobyanin, mayor of Moscow, appealed to all residents of the capital with an important statement amid the outbreak of coronavirus. He stated that for all residents, regardless of age, introduces a regime of self-isolation. Their homes can only leave on five occasions.

Today, March 30, in Moscow, introduced a regime of self-isolation. City hall announced the five items on which it is possible to break the isolation and to leave their homes, informs a resource “Russian Dialogue“.

To leave the house in case of a medical emergency; to travel for work to persons in quarantine are not covered; for purchases at grocery stores and pharmacies; the Pets and taking out garbage. While Sobyanin has announced a complete ban on going outside without special passes.

Control-isolation will make special system, but its details are still unknown. The authorities of the capital will only strengthen the control over the inhabitants of Moscow. The isolation does not mean that the person is prohibited from leaving or entering the city.

The municipality realizes that in the current situation many people can remain without work. To somehow financially support, produced a specific set of support. City hall plans to allocate for the unemployed 19500 rubles per month.

As of 29 March in Moscow, the number infected with the coronavirus amounted to 1014, of which 6 cases ended with a lethal outcome.


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