101-year-old man, born during the pandemic “Spanish flu”, won coronavirus

101-year-old male from Rimini (Italy) last week was discharged from hospital after recovery from a coronavirusthat has made it one of the oldest people winning this disease.

The Italian media reports, a man referred to as “Mr. P”. As told Deputy mayor Rimini Gloria Lisi, he was in the hospital for less than a week.

According to Lizzie, it was the second pandemic which was endured by the man. Mr. P. was born in 1919 in the midst of the Spanish flu (the Spanish flu) that has infected about 500 million people, approximately one third of the then population of the world.

“Mr. P. did it. The family took him home, ‘ said Lizzie. – This teaches us that even at the age of 101 our future is not destined. It has been extraordinary recovery gave hope to others.”

According to the report of the National Institute of health of Italy, almost 86% of deaths in the country occur among patients older than 70 years, and in General the country ranked second in the world in the older population: 23% of Italians over the age of 65.

Thus, Mr. P. joined other centenarians who have recovered from coronavirus. They include, for example, 103-year-old Zhang Guanfeng Chinese from Wuhan, was admitted to hospital in early March and was discharged after a week. And in South Korea from the coronavirus was fully recovered 97-year-old patient.


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