“You are now pointed to the door,” Zakharova criticized the wealthy Russians who went abroad

Wealthy Russians, who once left Russia abroad in search of a better life in the end was deceived by the foreigners for their money. This opinion was voiced by Maria Zakharova, citing the history of the Russians trying get home child from London.

The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry on his page in the social network published a post about how wealthy Russians turned to him with a request to help move a child from London, informs a resource “Russian Dialogue“.

The Russians informed the representatives of the foreign Ministry that sending to London for a private plane to pick out his son. In the UK the real medical collapse. According to them, the test for the coronavirus is 450 pounds and medical insurance is already zeroed.

“You duped a lot of years for your money,” – says Zakharov. Instead educate your child at home, wealthy Russians sent him to London. “You are now pointed to the door. Rigidly and unemotionally with the words “nothing personal, just business”,” – wrote the representative of the foreign Ministry.

In the post there are many comments that condemn the decision of the parents. However, many expressed that they had brought from London not only his son but also to other citizens who may not be able to leave the Kingdom.

Not so long ago, thousands of Russian tourists could not leave the territory of Montenegro, as the loukoster “Victory” did not give approval for the evacuation of people.


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