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Acne Buterin: Run testnet Ethereum 2.0 with multiple clients scheduled for April

According to the Creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, start testnet Ethereum 2.0 with several customers, will likely be held in April. About it reports The Block.

According to Buterin, specifications Ethereum 2.0 passed the security audit and the team is now Ethereum 2.0 working on the issues. The auditor expressed the Least Authority recommended modifying the specifications to avoid potential spam attacks. According to Buterin, this problem was present in the existing infrastructure Ethereum and were removed only over time. He expects the same will happen with Ethereum 2.0.

The second security vulnerability is specified in the auditor’s report relates to potential information leaks. Buterin said that the team takes seriously the recommendations of the auditor on the use of a single mechanism of secret leader (SSLE). He noted that SSLE is one of the main activities of the team and included in the 5-10 year plan for the development of Ethereum 2.0. Under this plan, SSLE will be introduced in the second stage or later.

In comments to The Block Buterin said now that the audit is complete, launch testnet with support for multiple clients will be held in April: “we need multiclient test network; then we wait until this test network will work without problems. This procedure is similar to what we did in 2015 for the first version of Ethereum… it is not easy to say when it will launch the core network, although we are absolutely convinced that the launch multiclient testnet will take place very soon; most likely in April.”


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