The Pope prayed at the empty area about the outbreak and released the sins of all who joined the prayer online

Папа Римский помолился на пустой площади о завершении эпидемии и отпустил грехи всем присоединившимся к молитве онлайн

Pope Francis on Friday made an appeal to the Urbi et Orbi (“the city and the world”), which prayed for the end of the pandemic coronavirus, reports “Interfax” with reference to the edition of Vatican News. Traditionally, the Pope delivers Urbi et Orbi at Christmas and Easter, at the ceremony of his enthronement, in rare cases, to bless the pilgrims.

All believers, virtual joined to prayer, the Pontiff gave a plenary indulgence, the remission of sins.

The Pontiff spoke on the steps of the Cathedral of St. Peter in the Vatican in the rain. Traditionally filled with tourists and pilgrims in the square outside the Cathedral was empty. Access to it is closed until April 3 due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Pope Francis has compared what is happening in the world with the onset of evening, when darkness.

“For several weeks, it seems that it was evening. The darkness deepened over our squares, streets and cities it has seized our life, filling all the deafening silence and bitter emptiness, paralyzing all she encounters,” said the Pontiff.

He read a passage from Mark’s gospel about how Jesus Christ stilled a storm, in which He and His disciples got in a boat moving across the sea. “God bless the world, give health to our bodies and calm our hearts. Ask us not to fear. But our will is weak, and we are timid. But thou, o Lord, do not leave us at the mercy of the storm,” said dad.

Now people realize that everyone is in the same position. “Lord Almighty, look at our suffering, save your children and open our hearts to hope, because we know that you are among us. The shadows came down on our lives, oveav their silence. We are all in the same boat, weak and scared, but we all have to stay together,” Dad said.

Then the Pontiff prayed before the icon of our lady and a wooden crucifix from the Roman Church of San Marcello, which, as legend has it, in 1522, saved Rome from the plague. It is a ceremony that the Pontiff held with several priests, ended with the blessing of declared overtime.

In the same form – without believing – will be religious ceremonies of Holy week and Easter. As reported on Friday the press service of the Holy see, on Sunday, April 5, Pope Francis will lead the service at the Cathedral of St. Peter in Palm (palm) Sunday, which marked the entry of Christ into Jerusalem.

Then Thursday will be a service, but without the traditional ritual washing of the feet. Friday 10 April the Pope will hold a Procession in front of the Cathedral, and not at the Coliseum, as they for centuries. After the evening service on Saturday, April 11, Sunday April 12, when Catholics celebrate Easter, Pope Francis will deliver the traditional message of “the city and the world” and Easter blessing.


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