“Okay, but…” – friend Leshchenko winokur talked about as infected with coronaviruses friend

The famous humorist Vladimir Vinokur have talked about the state of his best friend, Lev Leshchenko, who was recently hospitalized with a suspected coronavirus. As everyone knows, unfortunately, this diagnosis was confirmed.

At the moment, people’s artist of Russia Lev Leshchenko is under constant supervision of doctors. This was told by his best friend Vladimir Vinokur, who practically does not depart from the house of the artist.

Winokur also noted that the status of the favourite of the audience has improved significantly since the moment he was transferred from the intensive care ward in the ordinary. As you know, the artist got there due to the fact that he dropped the oxygen in the blood and he started to choke.

In the words of another national artist, the doctors even let him have a little chat with a friend, but, of course, compliance with all safety standards, said ria.

As we previously reported, Sedokova decided to “work the body” in the fight against coronavirus, staging challenge. Popular singer Anna Sedokova decided to fight the coronavirus is highly unusual methods.

It is also known that on the occasion of Igor Krutoy from contact with a woman could be infected with a coronavirus stars: well-known names. Recently, many Russian stars celebrated the birthday of the sister of the famous producer Igor Krutoy. There’s also the celebration was attended by patients with coronavirus Lev Leshchenko, which could have infected contacts with him.


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