Scientists explained how snow affects coronavirus

A Blizzard blew down on Moscow in the last day of March, seemed to have supported the withdrawal of citizens. “With this weather though I’d hate to sit home!” sighed a, which is “imprisoned” within the four walls bored very quickly. Maybe the cold weather will help us to get rid of the infection? How much do she have left? With these questions, we turned to the head of Department of infectious diseases RUDN Galina KOZHEVNIKOVA.

Ученые разъяснили, как снег влияет на коронавирус

– Galina Mihajlovna, tell, dropped out on the night of Tuesday, the snow will not help us to get rid of the coronavirus?

Snow and windy weather itself does not really matter. More importantly — temperature. If the snow fell when the temperature background, which hovers around 0 degrees, any SARS, including the coronavirus, is quite comfortable. At -10 degrees it will die. So the snow snow alike. But I want to remind you that the temperature is not the main condition of human infection, the risk of transmission increases with close contact of less than 1 meter, when available contactee runny nose or coughing.

– And how much air needs to warm up, to less contribute to the spread of infection?

The virus is killed by 20 degrees. This temperature just dries up the small aerosol particles in the air. All infectious disease specialists are of the opinion that the virus recedes naturally when it gets warm and dry. But, again, it is important not to have close contact with sick people. When we talk, we still secreted microparticles of moisture, and when the disease companion that can play with us a cruel joke.

– We had a very warm winter this year. Maybe that contributed to the outbreak of coronavirus?

– It is not excluded. But the main reason was the introduction of infection from other countries, all first cases have been imported. And second, the feature of the coronavirus was a lot of mild people, being the source of infection, were not even aware about this and therefore faster spread of the disease. Therefore, separation is the most important thing for all of the diseases disseminated by aerosol droplets.

– Why measures such as mass-isolation, and there have been outbreaks of SARS in 2002 and MERS in 2012?

– They were more localized and in the human body are not strengthened. In this regard, the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 was more adapted to humans, although extending further in our population, it weakens. At least, there are such observations.

Say, anyway, any mass virus infection will not disappear until the round globe, and humanity will not produce to her herd immunity.

– There is a theory.

– So, while the immune system is not developed, the risk of infection after leaving the isolation remains?

– Severe forms of diseases is now statistically small, but they have a short temper. Insulation is needed in order to simultaneously ill many people. So, how did the epidemic in China, South Korea, Japan, shows us that the doctors had taken the right action, introducing quarantine. But Europe was not ready.

While we certainly need to understand that some part have been ill and after isolation, and maybe even won’t, people will assume that you have caught common colds. But we will avoid an explosive flash.

– What is now more inclined physicians to prolong or cancel the isolation after April 5?

– It is now a question more for the authorities. In principle, if we consider all the rules, quarantine for infectious disease is removed two weeks after the last hospitalization of the sick. But it is unlikely we will go this way, so we can sit until June. I think this week we will look at the situation. Withdrawal can be cancelled if the number of new cases will not exceed previous figures.

But the growth is not stopped?

This week he’s still there. We have people even from abroad are coming back. But it is important to keep an eye on growth at the expense of domestic cases. If there are many, activities in isolation, is likely to be prolonged, and if they feel more connection with imported cases, the extension may not be necessary. We must also consider the methods of examination of patients, which may vary considerably statistics. If you just survey people with symptoms and without symptoms — there will be some numbers, and if only clinical picture, the increase will be different.


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