Surrounded by Pugacheva accidentally blurted out about the sexual orientation Kirkorov

Today, the Network is standing on its head, discussing sexual orientation, the legendary pop king Philip Kirkorov. Information surfaced that indicates that the artist is homosexual.

Today, the network appeared the information, claiming that the famous singer Philip Kirkorov gay. It favored the ex-stylist of the legendary Diva Alla Pugacheva George Rovals.

He without any hesitation said that the alleged gay man, and urged him to finally admit it to the world. According to George, about his alleged homosexual literally screaming his behavior, which, in their circles, they are called as the “gentle girls”.

It is worth noting that about homosexual Kirkorov has long been rumored. The artist you’ll notice on the splash screen phone photograph of a naked man, then he will go for a walk outside in a jacket with flashy lettering across the entire back QUEERS STILL HERE, which used the LGBT community as a reminder to the public that they exist and they have rights.

All this, of course, raises many questions, but specific acknowledgment of his “difficult” orientation is still there, said sobesednik.

As we previously reported, each Leshchenko winokur talked about as infected with coronaviruses other. The famous humorist Vladimir Vinokur have talked about the state of his best friend, Lev Leshchenko, who was recently hospitalized with a suspected coronavirus. As everyone knows, unfortunately, this diagnosis was confirmed.

It is also known that Ksenia Sobchak showed how it now looks, deprived of all social benefits because of the epidemic. Controversial journalist and TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak showed the fans how it looks without the constant care in beauty salons.


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