The study of medical masks turned the idea of security

As far as rescues from coronavirus a medical mask? The experts ‘ recommendations boil down to the fact that it is necessary to wear, but the sick – that is not sneezing and not coughing on others and not infect them. Scientists at Edinburgh University have conducted a study which showed that healthy people even ordinary medical masks good “cover” from COVID-19.

Исследование медицинских масок перевернуло представление о безопасности

Mask says obsidienne opinion, it is necessary to wear for those who have been in contact with sick people, because they too can be potential carriers of infection.

But healthy people masks, experts say, to anything.

To clarify this question, we turned to the study, which was conducted by scientists at the University of Edinburgh 3 years ago.

Their task was not associated with viruses. They wanted to understand how masks help with air pollution. Smog, fumes, unpleasant odors usually say that the air is saturated with micro particles that are dangerous to health. If you wear a mask or respirator – if this helps to protect yourself from the dispersed microparticles in air?

To understand this, scientists have launched the diesel generator and the exhaust gases passed through the different masks using a particle counter, which counts how many particles have passed through the mask.

Judging by the information presented in the materials of the current study, the researchers used the counter fixing the particle size to 0,007 microns.

0,007 microns is 7 nanometers. Most viruses have a diameter of from 20 to 300 nanometers. Their size is comparable with the size of the microparticles, which was calculated in the study. Hence, the obtained results can in principle be used to assess the effectiveness of the masks not only against particulates, but also against viruses, too.

These results clearly speak in favor of the effectiveness of masks.

As researchers found, cotton scarf, wound on the face, blocks 28% of the microparticles.

The most primitive medical mask stops 80%.

Respirators – an average of 95%.

Steeper all the 3M respirators with replaceable filters antiaterogennami they hold 99% of the microparticles.

The structure of the face and skull does not affect the effectiveness. If the mask or respirator is properly mounted and matched in size, they do not allow contaminated air to enter the mask at the line of contact with the face.

Scientists, however, warn that the tests were carried out only on the solid particles. Most commercially available masks are not designed for gaseous pollutants, therefore, in the case of air pollution, they do not provide absolute protection.

In the case of gas ensures absolute protection mask.

But, as the doctors all countries of the world are working with infected patients still not in gas masks and respirators masks and viruses in their physical properties pertain more to the PM than for gases. As a mask against them not useless. So they should wear all – healthy and the sick. Especially because now nobody can know whether he’s healthy or sick.

Yes, a hundred percent they do not protect. But even if only 80% – this is already very good.


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