Now fry the mushrooms only in this recipe. The perfect taste!

Теперь жарю грибы только по этому рецепту. Идеальный вкус!

Perfect sautéed mushrooms

Теперь жарю грибы только по этому рецепту. Идеальный вкус!

Mushrooms is a very popular product as well as abroad. They can be the main ingredient or only one of the components, but in any case, give the dish a special taste and aroma. The easiest way to prepare the mushrooms, roast them.

We usually fry the mushrooms with onions. Today, I suggest you fry the mushrooms so that they become a memorable dish for any occasion. Just a few little tricks completely reversed your idea about this dish!


Mushrooms — 500 g

Olive oil — to taste

Dry white wine — 2-3 tbsp

Garlic — 2-3 tooth.

Salt — to taste


  • Cut mushrooms.
  • Heat the pan, pour on a little olive oil.
  • In a pan toss with crushed garlic and wait a minute, so he had to give the taste and aroma of the oil.
  • Then add the mushrooms and fry them until their brown.
  • After add the wine and fry the mushrooms, until it has evaporated. Season with salt and serve.
  • To make this dish more festive, you can choose the smaller mushrooms, and fry them whole, without slicing

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